Service de rythmologie du CISSSAT Hôpital Amos

The  Rhythm Clinic at CISSSAT Abitibi-Témiscamingue/Amos manages pacemakers, ICDs, and implanted rhythm detection devices for all of the major companies [Biotronik, Boston Scientific (formerly Guidant), Medtronic, St-Jude].

Pacemaker services are currently NOT accessible using the CRDS. To refer a patient please use a conventional consult form mailed or faxed to the address at the bottom of this page.

Wound issues:
All wound issues in pacemaker patients should be treated as potentially life threatening – the most common issues are hematoma (most often seen in the immediate post op period), and infection. Infection often presents with erythema at the site with local pain, or itching. Prompt intervention at this point may resolve the issue. If there is skin breakdown, we presume that the pacemaker (a foreign body) and/or the leads have been contaminated and must be replaced (a procedure that requires transfer to Montreal).

Please contact the surgeon on call at the CISSS Abitibi-Témiscamingue/Amos. They may ask you to send the patient to a local ER to investigate or treat the patient for  infection or bleeding, but most patients need to be seen by a surgeon or internist who routinely implants pacemakers. In Abitibi-Témiscamingue that would be the surgery team in Amos (see Notre Équipe).

New Patients:
To refer a patient to our clinic for evaluation please mail or fax a consultation request to the address below. If known please include the following information.

Known patients:
Patients followed in the clinic have routine follow ups that vary between 3-12 months depending on specific issues relating to their device.   On demand, we can evaluate patients ahead of their scheduled maintenance visit. If you encounter patients with clinical issues that may be related to their device (syncope, palpitations, bradycardia, ICD shock, suspected pacemaker malfunction based on an ECG or telemetry strip), please fax or mail a consult to the address below.


Please include the following information (if known) in your referral:

  • Indication for pacemaker
  • Date of implant and company of pacemaker (not the leads)
  • Specific issues that you would like us to address
  • Time frame (urgent consults should be discussed with a surgeon or internist)

(819) 732-6465

Clinic du Pacemaker – CISSSAT/Hôpital Amos
622 4e rue ouest – 5e étage
Amos, QC   J9T 2S2

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