Driving with a medical Condition

CMA 2012CMA 2012
Asymptomatic CAD or Stable anginaNo restrictionNo restriction
STEMI or NSTEMI abnormal wall motion or Δ EF1 mo3 mo
All other ACS post PTCA48 h7 d
All other ACS if no PTCA7 d1 mo
Post PAC1 mo3 mo
Pace-maker implant1 week post implant if normal functioning of PMSame as Private
Pacemaker replacement
ICD indicated for 1˚ Prev. but not installedØExcluded
ICD implant 1° Prev4 weeksExcluded
ICD implant 2° Prev c NO Δ LOC and NYHA i - III1 weekExcluded
ICD replacement 1° prevention c NYHA I - III4 weeksExcluded
ICD replacement 2° preventionExcluded
Non sustained VT with no Δ LOCØØ
SUSTAINED VT with no Δ LOC & LVEF 35 +4 weeks3 months
sustained VT with no Δ LOC & LVEF 34-3 monthsExcluded
VT or VF from reversible causeExcluded until cause treatedExcluded until cause treated
Hemodynam. unstable VT or VF with or without ICD6 monthsExcluded
ICD with any delivered ICD with any therapy with neurologic symptoms or debilitating symptoms from Tx6 moExcluded